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Google Map GPS Coordinates: 40.8961788,14.2470386
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Uscita Circunvallazione - Scampia, direzione Commissariato di Polizia  oppure 8 Municipalita-

Uscita Tangenziale Napoli - Capodimonte proseguire direzione Secondigliano Scampia.

Because there is no street number, it is difficult to locate the precise location using a GPS or driving direction web site such as Tutto Cittą. If you need to input the exact address, it is Viale Della Resistenza. However, in practice, you rely on the GPS or web site to get you to Corso Secondigliano or via Miano, or a nearby street, then you should follow the red arrows overlaying the satelite map provided here. For people who are not familiar with the area, you cannot rely completely on the GPS, please use the map in conjunction.

Attention: If you try to find the address of the club to be on Via Miano, it is the old address, please disregard it.

The following direction is given assuming you came from the highway and exited Secondigliano (Uscita [exit] 2):

Take Corso Secondigliano (if you came from Uscita 2 off the highway, it can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to get through this 2km road, depending on traffic condition).

At the via Miano / Corso Secondigliano intersection, continue straight

Corso Secondigliano becomes Via Roma Verso Scampia

You'll pass a Esso gas station on your right

Shortly (less than 50m) after you passed the gas station, turn left as indicated by the arrow on the map into a residential area

Then, go straight and turn right at the end

Go straight until you see a bar in the left corner (Sole)

Turn left on Via del Cervino

Continue straight after the stop sign and go 10 meters to the next stop sign on the ramp

Turn right onto Via Ettore Ciccotti

Make a U-turn at the first cross section (after you made the U-turn, you should have the coverd car park on your right)

Continue on Via Ettore Ciccotti after the U-turn

Turn right as indicated by the arrow on the map

Continue to follow the road

Make a U-turn and get on Viale Della Resistenza

the gym should be visible

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